Thursday, February 24, 2005


Thank you for joining the crowd that says over and over again don't bother responding to or writing to Don Saklad. Welcome to the club of Don't Write Back or Respond to Don Saklad, a very special group of people who are continually obsessed with don't write back or respond to Don Saklad because he's not deserving of being written back to or responded to. Because his comments and remarks are not worth answering back or responding to, a special blog has been set up
for those people who believe that it's VERY important to not respond or reply to Don Saklad who doesn't deserve to be replied back or responded to in any way as he's not worth responding to or corresponding with. However, those of you who're obsessed with not responding to or corresponding with Don Saklad about any issue whatsoever, about anything we're discussing on this list or not shouldn't respond to or answer any of Don Saklad's questions or correspondence with this list or any other list for that matter.